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Hello Fellow Austinites!

I hope life is treating you all well, and you are not
getting to swamped in your endevours.

I am writing to you on behalf Of An Organization At UT called StandOut. Some of you
may know something about it, but for those of you who don't, Here's a brief

"StandOut is a Student Organization at the University of Texas that has
committed itself to promoting awareness of issues that face the queer
community. It is hoped that by raising awareness of these issues, the
inequities will be acknowledged and corrected. We intend to raise awareness
through visibility events, POSITIVE ACTIVISM, and various media."

I am currently the Vice-Director In charge of Publicity and Public Relations,
and I wanted to let you all know that StandOut Is going to San Antonio This
Saturday to participate in an AIDS walk, to raise money and awareness for AIDS

I am Inviting you all to come and Walk with us, Email me if you are interested.
We could always use more support!

But if long drive and a long walk in San Antonio Don't fit into your weekend
schedule, No worries! You can still help us out! Right Now, Our team must
raise the Entry fee for the walk, as well as any other Donations that we can to
give to this foundation. Thus, Any Contribution you can make to our cause would
be greatly appreciated. The team entry fee is only $50.00, and we would love to
donate even more.

I apologize for the late Notice, but this information just passed my desk

If you need Anymore Info about the walk, or how to donate, Shoot me an email.

Best wishes and best of luck to you all in your endevours, and I Can't wait to
hear from you!

Longhorn Love,

Lindsay Williams
Vice-Director, Publicity

PS Forgive me if this is crossposted. But i have little time to raise money, so I am trying to spread the word as best as possible.
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